Committees and Roles

Hands on DC is currently recruiting for a number of volunteer positions to lead our work as part of the Executive Committee for the 2017-2018 year. The Executive Committee members will join the Hands on DC Co-Directors to plan and carry out our Hands on DC activities for this year.

We are currently recruiting for Committee Chairs and committee members for the following:

Executive Committee Roles:

The Events Committee is responsible for organizing all of Hands on DC’s fundraising and happy hours, as well as social events centered around work-a-thons. It works with the Community Relations and Fundraising Committees to publicize the events and manage donations. 

The Fundraising Committee secures financial and in-kind support needed to stage our work-a-thons, from local businesses and individual donors. It works in coordination with multiple committees and counts on support from both Board Members and the Co-Directors for fundraising strategy development.

The Information & Technology Committee takes the lead on managing and improving Hands on DC’s online presence and organizational processes, including the website and internal data management systems. It also works with the Community Relations Committee to design publications, infographics, and templates for external communications and the annual report. 

The Logistics Committee oversees the procurement and distribution of all supplies needed for each work-a-thon. Working closely with the Sites Committee, the Logistics Committee assesses the supply needs for each event and makes sure that all sites have what they need to complete their assignments.

The Public Outreach and Communications Committee manages the organization’s communications, creating and sharing news and events about Hands on DC with volunteers, community members, and the media. It is responsible for creating content for and maintaining our social media accounts, volunteer newsletter, and other outlets to raise awareness of the needs of DC schools and students and the role Hands on DC plays in the community. 

The Sites Committee selects the schools and projects for each work-a-thon, and manages the Site Coordinators for each school. Working closely with the Logistics Committee, it coordinates event day preparation and oversees the actual work on event day. 

The Volunteer Management Committee recruits volunteers to participate at Hands on Events and is responsible for the placement of volunteers and volunteer groups at each event. It also manages Hands on DC’s primary email account to field inquiries from volunteers, organizations, and partner organizations about the organization’s work and opportunities.

Event-specific/Non-Executive Committee Roles:

Site Coordinators (SCs) are responsible for the projects at one school on the day of an event. SCs direct the volunteers assigned to their school in completing the projects at their school. Hands on DC provides training and all the supplies needed for the school. The SC will be expected to make at least one visit to their school prior to the event to familiarize themselves with the various projects. His or her major responsibilities include managing volunteers on event day and ensuring all tools and supplies are properly distributed to appropriate tasks.

If you would like to volunteer with us, please email our Co-Directors and with your name, background, and an overview of which positions you are interested in and why.