An important part of Hands on DC’s mission is funding continued education for Washington DC Public School graduates. Since 1994 Hands on DC volunteers have raised more than $700,000 for college scholarships. These funds have benefited deserving local students, who use the money to help pay for the education they need to create brighter futures for themselves.

Partnership with Urban Alliance

In 2012, Hands on DC started a new partnership with Urban Alliance to continue our tradition of scholarship giving. Urban Alliance, a leading non-profit that works in DC to provide internships and jobs skills training to DCPS high school students, will help identify students and administer funds. The partnership is focused on providing new scholarship opportunities to Washington D.C. high school students who exemplify the service to the community and commitment to continued education. Hands on DC will be funding a total of $30,000 in college scholarships to 2013 graduates.

Spirit of Service Scholarship

This new scholarship initiative, created by Hands on DC and the Urban Alliance as an opportunity unique to this partnership, will be awarded to interns who understand the importance of giving back to their community and demonstrate need in financing college enrollment. Urban Alliance/Hands on DC will be awarding three scholarships of at least $7,500 to interns meeting the following criteria:

  • Participated in one Hands on DC volunteer event during their senior year of high school
  • Received a recommendation from their Program Coordinator to apply for the scholarship
  • Developed their post-high school plan which has been reviewed by their Urban Alliance PC
  • Written a short essay (500 words/1 type-written page) relating to the Spirit of Service
  • Completed a short (10 minute) interview with a combined group of Hands on DC staff and Urban Alliance Mentors.

Intern Excellence Award

Hands on DC will also be providing funds to support the existing Urban Alliance Intern Excellence Award. Hands on DC’s contribution will be a matching fund, aiming to increase the contribution of Urban Alliance mentors to supporting graduates, increasing sustainability of the program. The selection process for scholarship recipients includes a recommendation by an Intern’s Mentor, a brief application to be filled out by the Intern, and a voting process by all Mentors who have contributed.

How to Contribute

Hands on DC's support is dependent on the contributions of our volunteers and sponsors. Work-a-thon volunteers are encouraged to fundraise with the help of family and friends to help support these efforts. You may donate right now here.